The rug started life as a sleeping mat.
It was created to provide humans with warmth, protection, rest,
a shroud for the dead, a bundle in which to carry tools.
For those who wandered for years,
following their flocks and herds,
the rug was a singular comfort:
a better bed than the cold ground
or the rough hides of animals.


Joseph’s Imports goal is to provide the consumer with the finest quality handmade Oriental rugs available in the world today. With our modern inventory, we achieve this through close and long standing relationships with our brand name vendors. These manufacturers are known throughout the country and world. Their inventories represent the top 5% of all rug production in terms of materials, labor, color and design.

Our Antique inventory consists of city, village, and tribal examples of woven works of art to enjoy in functional applications or collections. Price will vary depending on size, quality, and condition.

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