Why do we have this craving for beauty?
It would have been simpler - and the rugs just as useful -
to leave the wool
To weave solid colors, or simple stripes.
But since the beginning, handmade carpets
have been adorned with clouds and
hunting scenes, ladders, medallions, niches for prayer.
Why bother? What makes us human?

Buying Guide

At Joseph's, we believe in building long-term relationships with our customers. After all, we've been in business since 1949. We've always believed an educated customer is a satisfied customer.

Unfortunately, our competition doesn't always believe this. Every day, dozens of people are virtually 'robbed blind' at fraudulent Going-Out-of-Business Sales and Auctions that offer widely inflated discounts off of equally inflated prices. And when they go back to try to return the rugs, the operator refuses to accept them or has left town to run a 'going out of business sale' in the next county under a different name.

The truth, in many cases, is that the sale is being run by a professional oriental rug 'liquidator' - not the original store owner.
We've prepared a brief summary of "what to look for" to avoid the pitfalls associated with fraudulent going-out-of-business sales and other inappropriate business practices.

Buy Your Oriental Rug From A Reputable Dealer

  1. Get to know the dealer.
  2. Shop and compare by quality and price.
  3. Ask about properly caring for your rugs.

An Oriental Rug, wisely purchased, is a truly magnificent possession. It is our goal for you to experience a lifetime of enjoyment and a legacy of beauty for generations to come.

Protect Yourself

  1. Beware of high pressure sales.
  2. Don't equate legitimacy with big dollar advertising.
  3. Any guarantee is only as good as the store that offers it.

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