Handmade rugs are a chronicle of civilization.
Today, they testify about the fusion of global culture.
Persians copy European styles. The Chinese adapt Persian symbols,
which came to Persia with Genghis Khan. American traders set up Himalayan
workshops, and help relieve the suffering of the Tibetan people.
Traditions evolve. Meaning persists.
New ways travel at the speed of sound.
The soul of the rug lives on.

Clients and Testimonials


Description of Work: Appraisal of five oriental rugs. The cost of the appraisal was included in the fee for cleaning. A separate report was filed about the cleaning work.

"Michael Joseph compiled a written appraisal of five oriental rugs. He explained to us in detail the history of each and why each was valued as it was. Very thorough. Very informational. Very professional."

Description of Work: Oriental Rugs Purchased.

"Michael is truly a wealth of knowledge and a very personable and professional businessman. I truly enjoyed working with him and love the rugs we purchased. Will definitely return for future purchases."

Description of Work: Cut three pads for existing carpets. I took the rugs in and picked up the rugs and pads.

"They were very nice, professional, and quick with the work, doing it while I waited. The pads were sized correctly and the edges were trimmed well, not with raggedy edges, which is what they looked like when I?d had them done by another rug company a number of years ago. They were honest and told me I didn?t need a pad for the largest of my rugs, which saved me a nice sum of money. I wish I needed to purchase a rug, because I?d be glad to buy it there!"

"The service at Joseph?s showroom was great? to say the least. With outstanding accommodations and a wide variety of rugs, Joseph?s is top-of-the-line and the quality of their showroom was top-notch. The prices were also very fair and delivery was well expedited with smiles on their faces. We were truly impressed by their teamwork and Mike?s quality of knowledge was a sell in itself. I would highly recommend Joseph?s Oriental Rug Imports to anyone."

* Norma and Joe Wingo

Harold F. Mailand, Fellow, AIC
Textile Conservation Services

"We work with Mouladad, probably the best rug restorer in the country. He is an Afghani, and has worked with the best dealers in New York. I understand he is much missed on the East Coast. He is most uncompromising in his work. He also fortunately works for our best rug purveyor here in Indianapolis, Michael Joseph of Joseph's Oriental Rug Imports."

Dane Dresch Nidiffer, IIDA
Vice President of Design Management
Lohr Design Inc.

"We at Lohr Design, Inc. would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your participation at this year's Home-A-Rama at Sagamore in Noblesville, IN.

"It has been a real pleasure working with you and your staff on providing the wonderful oriental rugs that will be seen in the Castalia home. These rugs make a statement all their own and will add so much to the overall beauty of our residence."

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